Once upon a time, like most fairy tales begin, somewhere in the north of Greece, in a city known as the Nymph of Thermaikos, “Thessaloniki”, lived five young, at least at heart, men, who were dear friends. Each one was completely different from the other regarding character/mind set and skills, yet harmoniously fulfilling each other in a unique brotherhood. For years, they sought for a way to join in a common project, to be able to work together, but in vain. They all enjoyed doing different things. Until one day, when suddenly, through a twist of fate, they were all introduced to sailing! Maybe it was the work of a fairy god mother or even Poseidon the god of sea, who probably heard them complaining too much! Maybe it was just a lucky chance, or an accident, but soon the common passion for sailing met their entrepreneurship and “The Nostos Sailing” company was created. New high-end catamarans and monohulls were purchased and started sailing the ancient seas of Ulysses, Nereus and the Argonauts.

We could wrap up our story somewhere here by saying that the fairy tale ended with the phrase “and they lived sailing happily ever after” but this is not our case. The Nostos Sailing philosophy requires that the fairy tale must be reborn every summer, with every single sailing trip, allowing all of our clients to experience the captivating feeling of sailing onboard a yacht, out on the open sea, a feeling so strong that can bring even the most different people together and unite them with unforgettable experiences and emotions. Contact us, and we will happily organize a sailing fairy tale for you!

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